Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chuck... in real life

Wondering where 'B' got the headband she wore in 'Chuck in real life.' ^^^. Well... I found that out. The headband was designed by 'Owl's Lab.' Weird name but cute headband!! It sells for about $85.00.

* Sells for more than one color.

Blair's LEGENDARY headbands...

Blair always wear the cutest headbands. Anyone will agree. This post will show where she has found some and where you can get them. i'll try to find less expensive headbands also for those of you who dont wanna spend almost $200 on a headband.

-In season 2, Blair has worn many headbands made by Jennifer Behr. You can find some at her website:

- Designer Stacey Lapidus's headbands have appeared numerous times on Gossip Girl.

- Blair's most popular source of headbands would be from designer Jennifer Ouellette. Here is a direct page to all of the popular headbands (including the one from pic above)

More headband blogs will be posted soon! Keep Checking!
* Did a miss a favorite of your headbands? Email me and I'll be sure to post it :

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

POOL PARTY!!!!! (shhhhh....)

I was asked by a reader where to find Blair's swimsuit in the episode School Lies: Here it is...

Sorry to say that it is sold out and has been for the past 8 months. It is cute though. And not that expensive with a retail price of about $160. Made by 'Etsy'
Found here:

There Might Be Blood....

Serena's Dress: Just Cavalli (Retail price $990) Thats about $50 a seqence.... hahaha. JK.
Shoes: The one and only, Armani

Isn't It A Wonderful Lie?

In the episode It's A Wonderful Lie, Serena shows up the ball sporting this:

The dress is made by Bill Blass (amazing design!!) and shoes are Yves Saint Laurent Slingbacks Marissa Collections for a retail price of about $650.
You can find her shoes here:

Happy Birthday B!

Everyone remembers the AMAZING necklace that Chuck gave Blair for her birthday right before..... well, you know. The necklace is made by Erickson Beamon. Thankfully Chuck has money because the necklace runs for $1,025. We love you Chuck!!

Blair at the White Party

Poor Chuck. "Isn't karma a bitch, we know Blair Waldorf is."
But Blair's white party outfit was to die for. Blair's dress, made by none other than Marc Jacobs (which can also be bought at Bloomingdale's.
The Shoes: Chloe White Paddington Pumps retail price of $690.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Fashion Find: Get the look... for less!

Do you love Blair's outfit. But aren't able to afford it. Well, just for you, I found the look, for less!

Dress: Find it at ASOS for about $40. A look-a-like pair of the tights that Blair is wearing in the picture can also be found here.

Over coat: Find it at Top Shop. Only for about $30. The actual one worn in this picture is made by Trina Turk and sells for about $150.

Dare Devil....

If you were wondering where to find the dress that Serena wore on her date with Dan in season 1, well, here it is.

The dress was designed/made by Catherine Malandrino. It is a Nailhead Bead Dress. Retail price: $545.00 and so worth it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nate's Closet I

Sorry guys. I know that the blog so far has kinda been leaning towards girls clothing. Well... that is about to change. Here are some of my favorite clothes worn by Nate on the show.

Here is a really cute sweater worn by Nate. He seems to like this kind of style. Retail value of $295.00.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

B & S.. Together again?

Season 2, Episode 6. This picture: outfit run down. Serena's shoes... ADORABLE! From saks fifth avenue. About $600. and she's wearing a Joie Marissa Sweater Dresss.. price unknown. BLAIR:
Anna Sui Chevron Print Top about $350. Believe it or not, her hat is Coach.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blair's ADORABLE sweater-dress

Want a cute sweater dress like Blair has? You can buy this dress on at any Nordstrom. Hurry... while supplies last!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jenny's Dress. I LOVE IT!!

Jenny ROCKED this dress in the episode "Daredevil." It's personally one of my favorite's that she wears. This dress was also designed by Abigail Lorick, who doesigns most dresses from Gossip Girl. This dress isn't available online yet but it is fabolous so I hope it is sometime soon!!

Blair's style is personally my favorite. She has her 'legendary' headband in her hand, lol. The jacket she is wearing is like, not on the face of the earth. I cannot find it anywhere. If YOU know who it's done by, where it's sold at, or a similar one, e-mail it to me. But I do know the dress. The dress is done by who designs all her "moms" clothes, Abigail Lorick.

Have a whole outfit just like Serena....

I love this outfit of Serena. And we all want to know how to get it.
Leather Jacket - Mike and Chris Earnes Jacket... sorry, all sold out for the time being. Hopefully they'll be in by Christmas :)
Pleaded Skirt - done by, none other than CYCLE... what a cute mini skirt! And it's under $50!
Boots - CO-OP Barney's New York Jada boots.... sorry, sold out also!
Last but not least:
THE PURSE!! - It's a Salvatore Ferragamo Victoria Calfskin... Serena's style is so popular you shouldn't be surprised to hear... it's sold out also. BUT GET ON THE WAITING LIST!!!

Def. Different...

I, personally, am not a fan of them but little, Ms. Jenny Humphrey seems to love berets. Here's a poplar one she wears....

You may think she made it... it sure seemed that way in the show. Heck no... we all know she found it at Barneys.

Styling the trench coat....

Many like Jenny Humphrey's look. Do you absolutly love the trench coat she wears?

You can get her coat for under $100. A great way to add a "gossip girl" style to your clothes. The coat is done by Michael Kors. It's a sun cotton-blend hooded belted trench. Say that ten times fast.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Whose Behind Waldorf Desgins?

Did you love the fashion show? Love dresses or outfits designed by Eleanor Waldorf in Gossip Girl? Well... the props go to Abigail Lorick who designed all her outfits.

Choose a team Upper East Side...

Whose team are you on? Do you find yourself indulging in Blair's mastermind scheming? Or do you prefer Serena's bad-girl-gone-good appeal? ...or maybe you can't get enough of both! Either way, these shirts are fun. I might end up with the Team Blair one, but you never know.
They can be found at Happy shopping.

White Party.... Serena Style.

If you are still dreaming of Serena van der Woodsen's style from Gossip Girl Season 2 premiere, I must inform you that her gown was none other than Oscar de la Renta - would you expect anything less fabulous? Unfortunately, this gown is from his Spring 2008 collection, so it may be long gone. Contact Oscar de la Renta boutiques for more information.

Serena's Dress...

What would a fantastic Upper East Side princess wear to her mother's wedding? A stunning gown from Ralph Lauren, of course. New from the spring collection is the Ruffled Fillipa Dress - perfect yellow floral with a few touches of black to make it extra fancy. This wonderful gown is on the market for about $3,000.

To add the Blair Waldorf Style...

Blair likes preppy things.... some stores that you could shop at without paying a ton of money but still have the "Blair Waldorf Stlye" would be:

Forever 21
Wet Seal
Charlotte Russe
H & M
J. Crew

Mostly places like that. Add some cute flats to your outfit and your golden. Blair likes bright, so buy some bright trenchcoats, tights, bags, etc.

The Legendary Chuck Bass Scarf.....

Yes... the legendary Chuck Bass scarf. Can't live without it? You're gonna have to considering they are sold out until late next year. Bummer. You can still buy it on Ebay, if you willing to spend hundreds of dollars more than you would normally pay for it.

But, your lucky, I have inside news. You want it really bad... well then, good news. J. Press is the person who sells them BTW. The scarf's sold out pretty fast but J. Press found some extra in his warehouse. They are now on sale at the Madison Avenue Shop... but only available over the phone. Call (212) 678-7642. Call soon or you'll have to wait a long time.


Everyone loves the clothes that are featured in Gossip Girl right? I'm here to show you how you can get those clothes.

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